Calling For An End To Nutrition As Religion

That risk isn’t one of health in fact all of the aforementioned diets, when followed carefully, would likely improve a person’s health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases it’s one of sustainability. Unfortunately, when it comes to the various nutrition religions, their commandments tend to be brutally enforced, both by individuals and by their fellow congregants. As anyone who regularly reads nutrition blogs or Facebook pages knows, diet adherents tend to use their online platform to frown upon any and all dietary strategies beyond their house of worship. To question their program or guru’s plans is akin to questioning their religious beliefs; and yet, unlike actual religious questioning (which would almost certainly lead to a thoughtful discussion), question dietary dogma online, and you can bet it will lead to a highly heated debate where anger and indignation can easily descend into name calling and personal attacks. But even if you’re not one to interact with nutrition nuts on the Internet, you may still be at risk; although you may not have a stranger’s zealous scrutiny to watch out for, you’ve still got yourself.
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Nutrition Business Journal Releases The 2013 Direct-to-Consumer Report

Moulinos is an independent consultant at BCH College for exercise physiology and has served as Special Scientific Staff in volleyball coaching at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science. He was selected by the Greek Ministry of Education as a member of the Administrative Committee of the Harokopio University of Athens in the Faculty of Dietetics-Nutrition. He is a member of the American College of Dietetics and Nutrition, as well as a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine. Additionally, Moulinos is the author of aNutrition for a Better Life,a and a frequent media contributor on nutrition.
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Herbalife (HLF) Beefs Up Nutrition Advisory Board; Names Georgios Moulinos, Ph.D.

18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –ANutrition Business Journal (NBJ), a division of Penton, recently released their newest edition of the Direct-to-Consumer Selling Report , available for purchase online.A The report provides detailed historical data on the U.S. nutrition industry, SWOT analyses on the top companies in the segment, a breakdown of the biggest opportunities and threats facing product manufacturers and marketers, and U.S. sales data for each of the direct sales channels, including internet, multi-level marketing, healthcare practitioners and direct media (TV, radio, print). NBJ has released a Direct-to-Consumer Selling Report annually, and it has proven to be a popular and influential report among industry executives, given the lack of authoritative market data surrounding these non-retail channels. This year’s report contains over 400 pages of data and insights, and is priced at $3,295. The Direct-to-Consumer Selling Report is available for sale now.
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